Property Manager Winterization Checklist

Tips to Protect Property Owners and Tenants

Rental properties are at major risk of frozen pipes, roof leaks and flooding during harsh winter conditions. Are you performing your due diligence as a property manager? We have all witnessed the nationally reported damages of our previous 2015/2016 winter. Follow these tips below to safeguard the interest of your clients.


-Prevent Water Damages from Frozen Pipes   

Have your boiler and furnaces inspected and serviced.

Properly insulate pipes that are exposed to cold environments at the property.  

Maintain adequate interior temperatures. – a vacant property’s minimum temp setting should range between 55-65 degrees.

Open faucets slightly to allow a steady drip during extreme cold conditions.

Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors under sinks to allow heat circulation.

Know where your main shut off valve is located. *Educate your tenants additionally.


-Avoid Water Damage from Roof Leaks

Have roof inspected by a professional to identify all potential compromising.

Strategically remove or distribute snow build-ups upon roof. Use your PM instincts! Involve professionals.

Protruding Tree’s should be trimmed and cut back from property to avoid limb damage.

Have chimney’s and flues professionally cleaned and cleared. This applies to units with Fireplace.


-Prevent Water Damage from Ice Dams

Clear gutters of all debris. Clogged gutters are prone to ice build ups that back spill.

Properly route downspouts and make sure they are flowing.

Inspect concrete mortar and masonry for compromising cracks.

(MFD) Have your grounds guy clear all snow and standing water to avoid ice. Salt to protect your tenants.


Did You Know?

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Maryland Property Specialist / Investment Advisor

Ross Sanders