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The renovation starting point - Baltimore, MD 21227

This property was acquired in a highly distressed state in the Beechfield community of 21227by an investor client that religiously believes in the "Buy & Hold" investing strategy. The property in retrospect was a 2 bedroom, 1 bath with a partially finished basement that included the infamous wood paneling from decades ago. With very minimal to salvage, we were asked by our client what could we do with it? Having dealt with some of the most extreme property conditions throughout Baltimore, MD, our team developed a strategic renovation plan that would add value and enhance the character of our clients newly purchased investment property.

Demolition -

With an extensive overhaul projected in our forecast and time being of the essence, our team executed the demolition and debris removal effectively and timely in order to meet job phase time constraints. The goal of our client was the conversion of a 2 bedroom, 1 bath into a3 bedroom, 2 full bath unit. 

Primary renovating focus points:

  • Entire kitchen overhaul
  • Complete master bath renovation
  • Basement full bath plumbing demo
  • Basement bedroom / family room



Vision, Concept & Build-out -

The agreed plan was to bring a conservative & modern tone to the property with cost efficient materials. Our long term client trusted our expertise and gave us the authority to coordinate a concept that would compliment the floor plan of the property. Being given the drivers seat, we knew that the effective execution of the job would rely more upon expertise, talent and craftsmanship vs. high priced amenities and materials. No problem at all! Understanding fine line detail has been a process pattern and foundation that Bellvue Management Group has stood behind and been implementing since the uniting of our management team and vendor resources. Our long term contractor business relationships allow us the leverage to negotiate affordable prices to get the bottom line done, regardless of the property's circumstances.


The Verdict? -


A successful renovation overhaul project that speaks volume and inspires!


Bellvue Management Group has a history of satisfying clients throughout the Baltimore, MD area, regardless of their properties conditions and circumstances. If you are a property owner, landlord or residential property investor that is sincerely looking to make capital investments or maximize your property's (ROI), you are at the right place! We are armed with an umbrella of resources, and can comprehensively assist you with achieving your property goals. One of the key advantage points that a client obtains through partnering with Bellvue Management is the hiring of a company that has the industry knowledge to effectively manage and maintain their property, which gives them the ability to focus on the passive enjoyments of owning Real Estate in Maryland. Check out some of our most recent renovation pics and we welcome you to explore our website to learn more about what Real Estate services Bellvue can do for you!

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