Rental Property Management & Real Estate Solution Services in Baltimore, MD

Property Management Details:

Full Leasing Services/ Including Tenant Placement

The well seasoned staff at Bellvue Management Group are experts at implementing effective marketing strategies and providing maximum internet exposure for your property. We will discover the unique attributes of your property and display them in high quality resolution photo's in order to place emphasis on the property's highlight areas. Also as part of our marketing strategy, we utilize all Maryland Rental Property Search sites such as: (MLS), Hotpads,, Trulia, Craigslist (etc). Additionally your property will be advertised on Bellvue Management Group's very own website. In some cases, local tenant placement companies are used when applicable to find ideal tenant's for unique property terms and conditions.

Tenant Screening

Once Bellvue Management has found prospective tenants that fit the owner's criteria, they are screened thoroughly through our National Background Check Database, which screens applicant's for; Criminal Background and sex offender registry, Terrorist activity, Credit score's and prior Collection law suit judgement's, and eviction history if any. Additionally, all income requirement's are confirmed through Bellvue Management's employment and Income verification check.

Move in/ Move out reports

Each Property is carefully examined by our managers prior to Leasing and prior to lease expiration if the occupant's wish is to terminate their lease for various reasons. If damages to the property occur and exceeds normal wear and the collected security deposit, we will collaboratively work with our client's and Civil Collection attorney's to assist with seeking proper compensation for the damaged property loss. Bellvue Management will effectively advocate for our client's in Maryland Civil Court when needed to provide solid documentation.


Bellvue Management Group can take care of all maintenance issue's that may arise! We provide appropriate in house solutions for all aspects of Home Improvement and renovations. Additionally, we work close with our list of preferred Contractor's and Vendor's to provide you with the most affordable pricing for your maintenance issue's. In the event of an emergency, our managers are on call 24/7 to respond, record and send the appropriate vendor needed to diagnose and resolve all matters. Now that's asset protection!

Rent Collection

Rent's are due on the 1st of the month and considered late after the 5th day of the month. If no rent is collected or payment arrangements made by the 15th of the month, by default we start the eviction process. This eviction process is explained to all occupant's during lease signing and is included as an addendum in our lease. Additionally, applicants are provided with Maryland Tenant/ Landlord dispute procedure pamphlets at lease signing. We also disburse owner payments electronically through direct deposit.

Eviction Services/ civil collection suits

We advocate effectively in all Maryland rent court jurisdictions (City & County) for our clients, in the event that a tenant is facing an eviction for unpaid rent. We have a solid track record within the Maryland Court system for presenting accurate supporting documentation to our cases, which ultimately bring our clients due compensation. Our staff are kept informed with any changes made to Maryland Landlord/ Tenant civil proceedings. If their is a need for Civil Collection Suits, our team of Attorney's are ready to effectively defend your case. 

(MDE) Maryland Dept of the Environment Registration - All properties built before 1978 must be registered & lead certified prior to renting

Under no circumstances will Bellvue MGMT manage a property that is not registered with the (MDE). We have Full Lead Certified Contractor vendors that can assist with bringing your property in full Compliance with Maryland State Lead Laws. Also our Lead inspector's will properly analyze your property for Lead Hazards and provide appropriate MDE regulations with the removal or reduction, prior to final Lead testing & certifications.

Rental Property Registrations

Maryland Housing Code requires all Landlords to register all rental properties each year with the state to be registered in the appropriate Jurisdictions. Bellvue Management group is far familiar with this process for Baltimore City and County and can assist our client's with proper rental registrations for single family homes as well as (MFD) Multi Family Dwelling environments. We will make sure that your current (MFD) license is properly housed and visibly displayed in your common hallway area. Additionally we mail copies to our owner's for their records.

Routine Inspections

The team at Bellvue Management take pride in our proactive engagement with our resident community and clients. This approach allows Bellvue to visually capture each property's needs currently and later on down the line. We will keep you informed of any immediate repairs and preventative maintenance. We only proceed with repairs after the owner's approval, unless there is an emergency that calls for immediate response.

Monthly and Annual Owner Statements

Each month we provide our clients with a detailed and transparent owner statement that clearly defines how your finances were managed. Maximizing returns on investments is one of our core competencies and we will diligently manage your investment in a fiduciary manner. As required by Maryland Law, we provide our client's with a 1099 at the end of the fiscal year.


Still have questions? We would love to hear from you! Give us a call during normal business hours and we will be more than happy to assist you!


Tenant Placement Services:

We will secure a tenant in 30 Days or Less*

In Addition to our full service Property Management, BELLVUE MANAGEMENT also offers full service tenant placement throughout the greater Baltimore, Maryland Area & Surrounding Counties. In theory, this service is typically utilized when a property owner's preference is to retain full day to day management & operations of the property, but still seeks screening and tenant services such as:

  • Criminal Background Checks - National Data Search/ Including Sex offense

  • Credit history reports

  • Employment Verification

  • Rental history validations

  • Professional references (ETC.)

Property Owner Benefits

  • Experienced staff to screen applicant calls

  • No long term contract

  • Access to our list of list of preferred professional contractor's that will provide economical solutions for any necessary maintenance prior to renting.

  • 1 time fee equivalent to the 1st month's rent once tenant is secured.

  • Client's can involve our lease. If enforcing is needed we can represent effectively for additional cost.

  • No additional fee's for lease renewing

  • Accurate market information for maximizing rent income.


Upon our initial property inspection, we will comprehensively advise in regards to maximizing returns on investments.

  • Interior & exterior high quality photos will be taken and used for listing.

  • Accurate and detailed property information will be listed.

  • Maximum visibility on the internet - (MLS) Multiple Listing Service, Craigslist,, etc. Additionally the property will be hosted under listings at

  • We will determine the unique attributes of the property and display those highlight areas.

Property Showings

  • Coordinating and scheduling unit showings. - We require an application to be filled out and submitted by all applicant's.

  • We provide feedback to our owner's about the property's inquiry activity.

  • We diligently follow up with prospects until there decisions are finalized.


Maryland Rent Court Representation

Bellvue Management Group has a solid reputation and track record of effectively advocating for our clients throughout Maryland rent court jurisdictions. We work with our clients closely to gather as much detailed information and supporting documentation as possible, which produces a favorable judgment for our client. It doesn't matter if you have a tenant that's 1 month's rent or several behind. Someone in wrongful possession (Squatter's), or in breach of lease, we are very familiar with Maryland rent court proceedings/ filings, and are kept up to date with any laws that change which may affect our clients.  Contact our office for your rent court matters to be handled appropriately.

Rent Court Eviction Pricing:

Failure to Pay Rent -

Form filing and 1 time court appearance - $125.00 

Reappearance - $90.00

Warrant of Restitution -

Form filing and court appearance - $150.00

Sheriff -

Scheduling & Notices - $50.00

Meeting the sheriff at the property and lock change - $175.00

Breach Of Lease -

Filing and 1 time appearance - $150.00

Reappearance - $90.00

Wrongful Detainer -

Filing and 1 time appearance - $150.00

Reappearance - $90.00


What Bellvue Management Group needs to start regaining control and income to your property:

  • Property Address.
  • Current lease or last lease used relating to tenant(s).
  • All tenants information who are financially responsible on your lease. (Including Social Sec #)
  • (MDE) Lead Cert Copy
  • Property Rental Registration #
  • Amount of monthly rent, how many months rent is owed, and accurate rent roll.


Contact our office today for effective rent court representation that you deserve!