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It takes an experienced and active Real Estate Agent to properly negotiate on your behalf when so much is at stake. Make sure to hire a professional Real Estate negotiator.
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Ongoing Education

In order to provide a top-tier service, it is crucial for all Real Estate professionals to continually educate and improve themselves. The more an agent or company knows about the Real Estate market, the better served are their clients.


Loving what you do reflects on the people you interact with and the job well done. This passion for helping others underlies all aspects of the selling process.

Selling History

Bellvue Management Group has aided many clients just like you with the sale of their property. We encourage you to utilize this experience.


Property Marketing Includes:

360- Virtual Tours

High resolution 360˚ virtual tours of the interior and exterior of the property option available.

Online - Advertising

The internet is growing rapidly each year and potential Buyers are looking online for their new home. Online advertising is key to successfully market Real Estate.

HD Photography

It's crucial to display your property in full Hd resolution photos, for the purpose of adequately displaying your properties highlight areas and key features.

Print Advertising

Hard copy material for a property is at an all time high. Why not have yours displayed in detail with professional photography that entices potential buyers.


Property Advertising:



Property Market Analysis

In order to accurately determine the value of your property, it takes reliable and up to date market information. This service is offered to our Sellers.

Property Showings

With the recent increase of single-family residential home sales, the need for keeping track of your scheduled showings and appointments is imperative!

Purchase Offers

Real estate contracts can be somewhat rather confusing and with so much at stake, why bother even taking the risk? we will fully advocate for you and provide clear understanding to you of all offers.

Protecting your interest

A potential buyer will usually have an agent or attorney to protect their best interest. Bellvue will represent you as the sales agent and proceed accordingly in a fiduciary manner.

Staging Your Property

In some cases it may be in the owners best interest to stage a property in order to attract and retain. Bellvue can properly advise in regards.

Our Expert Strategy Sales Package:

360 Virtual Tours

Virtual tours draw in more buyers and allow them to view your property from the comfort of their own home.

Online Advertising

Motivated buyers usually start their search online, especially first time home buyer's! Why not have a strong visual presence on the web.

Print Advertising for Property

Print advertising is beneficial for local communities to be aware that your property is available for purchase.

open house- Agent

Networking within the realtors usually expedite the process of your property being sold. They can visually capture, take pictures and spread the word.

Open house - Community

Attracting a potential buyer is all about exposure. A community open house, usually held on the weekends, allows the general public the opportunity to view your property.

High Quality Content Pictures

The more high quality pictures that you have to show, the better. We provide an adequate amount of full detailed pictures.



Online Advertising - Syndication

we live in a technology driven world where most consumers are using wireless devices for the internet to provide them results at their finger tips. Not only do we advertise you property on our very own site, but your listing will be featured upon the (MLS) Multiple listing service, where it's distributed over 300+online Real estate and sub-Real Estate sites.


A definite way to capture your buyers interest. We provide interactive 360 degree angle Photography as an additional service.





Effective Property marketing requires an abundance of imagery. We provide to our clients video slideshow options and video walkthrough recordings.

Videos scale and adjust accordingly for proper HD display on most devices.


Showcasing your property with pictures providing the most clarity will display every fine detail and highlights about your property.


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Commission Rates

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Our service fees are competitive. Contact our office for a free of charge, no obligation consultation to discuss further details and specifics.